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Vitamin C And Common Ancestry ... "Evolution is REAL Science #2" by • --- Please SUBSCRIBE to Science & Reason: • • • --- EVOLUTION IS REAL SCIENCE: 1. Does The Evidence Support Evolution? 2. Vitamin C And Common Ancestry 3. Are We Descended From Viruses? 4. Does The Fossil Record Support Evolution? 5. Where Are The Transitional Forms? FACTS OF EVOLUTION: 1. Introduction 2. Universal Common Descent 3. Good Design, Bad Design 4. Speciation And Extinction 5. How Fast Is Evolution? 6. What Can Embryos Tell Us About Evolution? 7. The Molecules Of Life 8. Molecular Evolution: Genes And Proteins 9. Retroviruses And Pseudogenes --- Does the evidence support Evolution? Theories are crucial to science because they provide a coherent framework for making sense out of scientific observations. An example of such a theory is the Theory of Evolution. Without the theoretical framework of evolution, biologists would be limited to observing living things and noting the similarities and differences between them. Basic biochemistry combined with cutting-edge molecular research leads us to a powerful explanation of a large set of biological observations. These observations only make sense using the REAL science of evolution. .
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