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Learn Japanese kanji grade 4 level 3/3 仲 personal relations 貯 to lay up 兆 omen 腸 intestines 低 low 底 bottom 停 to halt 的 target 典 standart work 伝 to transmit 徒 follower 努 to exert ? lamp 堂 hall ? to work 特 special 得 to acquire 毒 poison 熱 hot 念 thoughts 敗 to be defeated 梅 Japanese apricot 博 extensive、doctor 飯 cooked rice 飛 to fly 費 expense 必 without fail 票 to vote 標 mark 不 not 夫 husband 付 to attach 府 urban prefecture 副 secondary 粉 powder 兵 soldier 別 separate ? vicinity ? to change 便 convenient 包 to wrap 法 law 望 to hope 牧 pasture 末 last part ? full 未 not yet 脈 vein 民 people 無 without 約 promise 勇 brave 要 important 養 to foster 浴 to bathe 利 advantage 陸 land 良 good 料 fee 量 quantity 輪 wheel 類 kind 令 command 冷 cold 例 example ? personal history 連 to link 老 old ? labour ? to record
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