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Learn Japanese Kanji grade 4 part 2/370 Kanji characters list:固 solid功 merit好 to like候 season航 to navigate康 healthy告 to notify差 difference菜 vegetable最 most材 timber昨 yesterday札 tag刷 to print殺 to kill察 to inspect? to participate? to give birth散 to scatter? to remain士 military man氏 courtesy title史 history司 to officiate試 to try? child治 to govern? word失 to lose借 to borrow種 variety周 periphery祝 to celebrate順 order初 first松 pine笑 to laugh唱 to sing? to burn象 phenomenon照 to illuminate賞 prize臣 retainer信 to believe成 form省 ministry清 clear? quiet席 seat積 to accumulate折 to break off節 joint? to explain? shallow? war選 to choose然 suffix for forming modifiers? to contend倉 storehouse? nest束 to tie up側 side? to continue卒 to graduate孫 grandchild? belt隊 party達 to attain? single置 to place
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