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Pro Tools tutorial: How to filter loops |

This Pro Tools tutorial describes how to use High-Pass and Low-Pass filters to scale down and equalize loops within your mix. Watch more at This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter four of the Pro Tools Mixing and Mastering course presented by author Brian Lee White. The complete Pro Tools course has a total duration of 9 hours and 31 minutes, and covers all the basic mixing tools that every producer and engineer should know, from using EQ to add clarity and focus, to applying compression and limiting to control dynamics and maximize track levels within a mix. Pro Tools Mixing and Mastering table of contents: Introduction 1. Preparing to Mix 2. Working with the Pro Tools Mixer 3. Mixing Tools and Strategies 4. Understanding and Using EQ (Equalization) 5. Understanding and Using Dynamics Processors 6. Mixing with Reverb, Delay, and Other Time-Based Effects 7. Introducing the Pro Tools Creative Collection 8. Automating the Mix 9. Putting It All Together 10. Mastering in Pro Tools 11. Additional Topics Conclusion
Length: 06:18


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