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GUITAR THEORY: Relocating Melodic Passages Andrew for FREE lesson Handouts.This Video: May 18, 2012 | Search Videos by Title/Date.GO TO: Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question...Q: I've noticed that some riffs I come up with can be moved across the frets to other places. They sound cool when I do it, but I wondered if this is based on modes, or if it is something that has to do with arpeggios? If you can help me with this I'd be super grateful. I use this relocation thing a lot now, but I don't exactly know why this works. Thanks!- Jamie -- Kennesaw, GA. USAA: I need to begin by clarifying that modes and arpeggios both originate from the full scales, and this also applies to the pentatonics as well. So, that said, even though the mode and arpeggio information that you are curious about is of course important, when we use this concept of what we'll just call, "Shape Playing," we really only need to be aware of the key signature and that's pretty much about it! Using his approach is essentially low on music theory and quick to apply using only technique and your musical creativity! In the video lesson I begin on a guitar neck diagram and show just how easy this idea is to work with. Then, I move onto the fingerboard and show how a single shape can relocate and take on new melodic contour. This shape-based method, has very little focus placed upon patterns of arpeggios or modes. However, it can quickly be used to invent new melodies on the neck by relocating patterns from the full-scales. All you'll really need to have down is the basic major & minor scales. Once you come up with one melodic statement, simply analyze the fingerboard geometry of that shape, then scope out other regions of the neck where shapes such as your original - seem to correspond. Sometimes all of the notes do not line up, but that's fine too. If the phrases still sound cool, then why not use them!MY TWITTER FEED: WASSON - Personal Website: postings - w/FREE Guitar Handouts)____________________________________Visit our Creative Guitar Studio Zazzle page: Creative Guitar Studio Products Website: CLOUD: Listen to some of my songs. YOU TUBE CHANNEL: The Guitar BlogAndrew's Popular "GuitarBlog" YouTube Channel: Fan Page: Guitar Studio on Blogspot:
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