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Preschool Coffee Portraits of Johnny Appleseed

WEBSITE: Read a simple book on the life and times of Johnny Appleseed. Emphasize his love of traveling through our country and helping families animals the environment and conflicts with the Native Americans and pioneers throughout his way. He was a model citizen Children cut out their hats from file folder and I helped them fold tin foil around it. Next I modeled how to draw all the parts of a face one at a time and disucssing spatial positions of these parts on our own faces. We touched our faces and described where the facial detail should be drawn. Children drew the part right after I did large oval head under the hat that had been stapled to the top of a large piece of oaktag eyebrows eyes nose mouth lips and teeth. Last children squirted glue around Johnnys face wherever facial hair would grow on his eyebrows a mustache and beard that began under his nose around his mouth on the side of his face to his chin and below the chin. They smeared the glue around with large tongue depressors so that the entire bottom half of Johnnys face was covered with glue. I turned Johnnys face over into a tray full of coffee grounds and the child patted the poster into the coffee grounds. If the 20 adorable versions of this loveable American character dont perk you up the delicious coffee aroma will I love hanging them up in my room or hallway When portraits are dry I let children look through books about Johnny Appleseed to tell me their favorite parts of his life. I record the recalled knowledge on the tin foil hats.
Length: 03:19


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