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How Can Voters Get Informed About Their Candidates?

Complete video at: Panelists Joe Tuman, Art Torres and Ron Nehring discuss ways in which voters can get informed about candidates, issues, and political parties in general. ----- Political Communication: How Candidates and Elections Are Sold to Us with discussants Joe Tuman, Art Torres, and Ron Nehring. Jerry Lubenow moderates. Critics assert that U.S. political campaigns have become a wasteland of rhetoric, with cynical ploys replacing civic devotion. In this environment, it is often hard for the voter to tell what the candidate actually stands for and how that candidate may act once in office. As a result, many voters have become turned off to the elections process - The Commonwealth Club of California Joseph S. Tuman is Professor of Political and Legal Communications in the Department of Communication Studies at San Francisco State University, where he has taught and researched for twenty years. His newest book is Political Communications in American Campaigns (Sage). Senator Art Torres (Ret.) was elected Chairman of the California Democratic Party in 1996. He was appointed to finish the term vacated by Bill Press in 1995. He ran unopposed in 2001 and was elected by unanimous approval of the body. Senator Torres is widely credited for helping return the CDP to a position of national prominence and power. Ron Nehring was elected Chairman of the California Republican Party in February 2007. Since his days as President of his College Republican club almost twenty years ago, Ron Nehring has worked hard to advance Republican ideas and candidates. He managed campaigns for Republican candidates in his home state of New York before moving to Washington DC and working for some of the brightest minds in the Republican Party.
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