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Is Computer Code Free Speech?

Complete video at: Artist Jon Ippolito poses the question of whether or not computer code can be considered a form of free expression. ----- "At the Edge of Art," with Jon Ippolito and Joline Blais. With the coming of code and the Web, art moves beyond being representational to something that can execute, can make things happen. Ippolito and Blais show that art, like the antibodies in our immune system, creates alien forces in service of the whole. It anticipates threats and models them. It is a diversity agent. - The Long Now Foundation One of many foot soldiers in the battle between network and hierarchic culture, Jon Ippolito is an artist, Guggenheim curator, and co-founder of the Still Water program for network art and culture at the University of Maine. His current projects - including the Variable Media Network, the Open Art Network, and his 2006 book co-authored with Joline Blais, At the Edge of Art - aim to expand the art world beyond its traditional preoccupations.
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