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Characteristics of a Bungalow Home

Bungalow homes feature plenty of architectural design in a relatively small property. Learn more about unique characteristics and historical traits common to bungalow style homes in this video. Transcript Hi, my name is Anita Cordell and I am a licensed real estate agent in the greater Kansas City Area. Yoday I am going to talk to you about bungalow style homes for Features in Bungalow Homes The term bungalow comes from India and it means "small home with a veranda". A veranda is a roofed porch. It's got an open front and it has a roofed porch covering it. Most bungalows are small homes, typically between one and one and a half stories high. It usually has just one to four bedrooms, depending on if it's expanded or not. Bungalows are very convenient, especially for those people with impaired mobility, because they are smaller and most of the living space is confined to the main floor. Pros to having a bungalow are that they are more cost efficient, they are smaller so your heating and utilities are generally going to be a little cheaper and more economic. One unique fact about bungalows is that bungalow neighborhoods tend to be more private. The reason why is because due to their size the trees and the shrubs around the property tend to cover the windows, making them more private. Historical Design Traits of Bungalow Homes Usually they are found in older, and more historic neighborhoods. If it is in a historical area then your re-sale will be good. Especially in the pockets of the United States where people want to keep the historical integrity of a bungalow. One interesting fact about bungalows is the airplane style. The reason why is there was not air conditioning in these days. So they would add on a little bit of room in the very back and pop open some windows so that the family could go up into this little area take naps in the afternoon and cool down. So you will see every once in a while bungalows with this little add on in the back. That's what that is called, it's called an airplane style variation of the bungalow. Thank you for watching. For more information check us out on the web at
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