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Rummy is a highly competitive game that requires strategy to win. Learn the best strategy tips for the card game Rummy with this how-to video from What is the Card Game Rummy? Rummy is a card game that can be played by 2-6 players. It can be a difficult game to master but there are a few tricks you can utilise in order to improve your win ratio. Rummy Strategy: Pick Cards from Main Deck First of all, always pick a card from the main deck rather than the disard pile, as it will leave your opponent guessing as to the cards you are trying to match. If your opponent knows what you need, he'll do his best not to give those cards to you! The exception to this rule is when a card from the discard pile gives you a complete meld and is even better if it wins you the game! Rummy Strategy: Mislead Opponents Discarded card can reveal a lot about the state of the game. Try and mislead your opponent when laying down cards, for example, if you have the ten and jack of diamonds, laying down the queen of spades may lead your opponent into thinking you don't need any queens. Also remember to get rid of higher cards wherever possible, as they contribute negatively to your score if you lose the round. Always remember that mathematically, it's more likely to achieve a run than three of a kind. Discard the matching cards if you're forced to make a choice! Rummy Strategy: Hold Cards Don't forget that you aren't required to play melds as soon as you have them -- it could give your opponent the chance to place a card of their own, after all! It may be best to hold as many cards as you can until you can win the game in one turn, known as 'going rummy' or 'hunt.' Now you know so of the most effective strategies for winning rummy! For more tips and tricks, visit
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