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How to Win Monopoly

Monopoly is a fun game but can be difficult to win. This video will offer some advice on the best ways to go about winning Monopoly consistently. Winning Monopoly: Buying Properties Buy properties, especially in the beginning of the game. The more properties you own, the more rent you collect. The more rent you collect, the more money you have. And if you buy properties with the same color, the more opportunity you have to make even more money. When you own all two or three properties in a solid, similar color, that means you're getting double the rent that's owed to you. And when you own all those properties in the same color, you can also build houses and hotels - which increases the rental rate. Winning Monopoly: Buy the Right Properties Certain properties take in more rent. Therefore, owning those properties is more valuable to you and a better monopoly to have. There are also some tricks to the trade. Buying the orange property, which are in very close proximity to jail - which many people are coming out of - increases the chances that other players will land on that property. And it's always smart to have all four railroads. Since railroads are on all four sides of the board - there are four of them - chances are people will often land on your railroad and pay you some cash. In addition to buying smart, keep this in mind: according to Monopoly trivia, the most landed-on spots on the board are Illinois Avenue, Go, B&O Railroad and Jail. Winning Monopoly: Keep Track of Money Keep an eye on the money. The money is the name of the game in Monopoly, and in most of the games, you're using cash. Some games use debit cards. Either way, you want to keep track of how much money you have, and how much money your opponents have, to know who's in the lead. Winning Monopoly: Get Properties of Same Color No one can get a monopoly unless they have all the properties in one color, a lot of money, or all the properties on the board. And in order to do that, people make trades along the way. If you have two of one color and someone else has one of that color, you might want to trade something that's advantageous to them. Remember that playing the game of Monopoly to win is not just about bankrupting the other players at the table, but also about not bankrupting yourself.
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