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US and 4th of July Nail Art Tutorial / FIFA Mundial 2010 Estados Unidos Arte para las unas

?Nail Art Supplies? For the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa I will be doing nail art inspired by a few of the teams. Hope you like it ;) If you wish to purchase this design please use the link from my homepage to redirect you to my ebay listing ;) If you want a different design than the rainbow flower one I have listed just write it in when you check out with paypal or send me a message =) You can choose ANY design that I have done. ****************How to make the Decals********************* Do a web search for a US flag and a soccer ball. When you find picture you like right click and use save picture as. Find the picture where you saved it on your computer. I used Paint to edit the pictures because its really easy, or you can use any program you want. Now that you have your pictures, well this is what I did you can find your own way if it works better for you. Insert you picture into Microsoft Word. Now make them super small (you might have to print a few of different sizes out for tests to see how small you need to make it to fit your finger) OK now you have the correct size. For the flag make it fit one of your fingers, if you used it to fit your ring finger make it slightly bigger for your thumb. Now for the soccer balls. Do the same size tests and then once you have the size you want, you want to copy that ONE soccer ball, deselect it and paste it. You should get another soccer ball right next to it. Spam the paste button till you have as many as you want. For one hand you will need 2 flag pictures and 3 soccer balls. Print all of them out on one sheet of paper. Before you cut them you will want to turn it around, hold it up to the light and use white nail polish to go across the back. This is because your using paper, if you use a top coat the picture will become transparent and the polish underneath will show through. Let it dry and cut out your decals. *HINT* before putting them on fold them first so it has a curve Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe, rate and comment for lots more videos!! =D Music is by Kevin Macleod *Disclaimer* I was not paid to use any of the products in the video nor am I affiliated with them in any way. I did not receive any of the products for free, they were all bought with my own money. ???????? ??????????????????★???????? ??????????????????★???????? ???????????????????????????★???????? ??????????????????★???????? ????????? Para el Mundial 2010 voy a haser videos para las unas de los equipos mas populares. Espero que les guste ;) **************** Como aser tu calcomania ******************************* Vas a buscar el Logo de futbol de los Estados Unidos y balones de futbol en el internet y cuando encuentres las photos o dibujos vas a salvar el Logo y el balon en tu computadora.Lo que vas a querer aser es poner el Logo y el balon en el programa de Microsoft Word o tu programa favorito (el puto es de poder cambiar la medida de el Logo y balon) y vas a cambiar el tamano para que pueda caver en tu una.Emprime una pajina con todas las cosas que quieres poner en tus unas y en la parte de atras de la pajina(donde estan los dibujos) vas a usar pintura blanca para las unas.La razon de aplicar la pintura es porque, si aplicas solo el papel en las unas el Logo va a estar transparente y se mira muy mal.Una recomendasion es que dobles la calcomania un poco para que se doble a la forma de tu una. Gracias por sintonisar y subscribete a mi chanal si quieres mirar mas videos!!!
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