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Google+ Platform Office Hours for May 16th, 2012: Hangouts API v1.1

This week we discussed the latest release of the Hangouts API, v1.1. J.D. Salazar and Richard Dunn from the Hangouts API engineering team joined us to help your answer questions.Discussion this session on Google+: can learn more about our office hours here: - Introductions2:50 - Richard gives us an overview of what's new in Hangouts API v1.18:57 - What are the default scales for the static overlays?9:25 - Will the static overlay scale ratio change during the hangout?10:13 - What is the resolution of the feed? How do I ensure my overlays match the quality?12:49 - How do I know if an image resource has failed to load?16:33 - Can we have animated gifs as overlays?19:44 - Loaded overlays do not clear upon deletion. How many can I load before I encounter issues?21:48 - Are sound overlays played to all participants or only locally? What about sound cancellation?23:27 - How do you uninstall a Hangout app?25:41 - Can I make an app that uses drag and drop onto the film strip?26:55 - Can we embed participant thumbnails elsewhere on the screen?28:33 - How can I determine a consistent ordering for hangout participants?31:35 - Can I access Picasa photos uploaded by another user within a hangout? Gerwin demonstrates his solution. 31:14 - How do I know when my hangout app has been unloaded for the purposes of doing cleanup?39:28 - Will face tracking ever support multiple faces?40:41 - Can I use WebGL in a hangouts app?42:09 - I'm having issues with the +1 button. What do I do?43:39 - 3 feature requests from Gerwin related to Hangouts On Air and the Hangouts API46:11 - Can I access Picasa photos shared with a limited audience over the API?48:24 - Where can I get those cool laptop stickers? - - Is there a Hangouts App directory?50:48 - What are the plans for interaction between the Hangouts API and the chat window?
Length: 53:05


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