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Card Flourishes - Virtuoso & Bone: 5 minutes from the Anaconda DVD

Go now to to learn the Anaconda and The Eye Cut by Bone and The Virts. 5 minutes from the Anaconda DVD by Virtuoso and Bone. What's the secret to the Anaconda? What really makes the insane size of this card flourish possible? Well, it all starts with really a modification of where the index finger is placed to execute the dribble. This modification results in an exponential increase of the control and height you have over the card flourish. A lot of people think "AWESOME! Now I can do the Anaconda!!"... and whilst that plays a big part, it's like saying: 'All you have to do to win a car race is to change from a normal car to an F1 car!' Whilst there is truth to that, the medium is one thing. The handling of it is another. Shifting your index finger and pulling the card dribble up is like getting an F1 car and just slamming on the accelerator. Sure that'll probably result in pretty high speeds... but if you don't know how to handle the car, it'll probably result in a huge crash. There's just so much more to driving a car than just slamming the accelerator. In the upcoming Anaconda DVD.... we created the 'F1 car', and we're going to teach you exactly how to handle the monster card flourish. We'll touch on stuff like your the key grips for the card flourish, your precise finger placement, the angle of which your thumb aligned with the deck, how your fingers are spaced, the way the pressure is applied to the cards, the fine motor control of your index finger, how to prevent the cards from hooking, the way the cards are received... and so much more including the exact timing and coordination between the hands required to execute the new massive Anaconda card flourish. All of these elements are presented in simple and concise steps in the upcoming Anaconda DVD that allows you to learn the card flourish in minutes so the move just "clicks". In fact, we've probably made learning the new Anaconda almost too easy. ;) For now, here's an excerpt from the DVD itself, where Bone talks about his journey, his approach to the art, and how he created the Anaconda card flourish. Enjoy! Huron Low, The Virts P.S. Look out for the part where Bone talks about how he dropped the cards all over the floor when he first tried the Anaconda. He looks kinda silly. ;)
Length: 05:21


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