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Sewing Tutorial: Draped "Curtain" Tank Top

This tutorial gets its name from a Maddox article where he calls this type of shirt "tit curtains." While I agree that it's not the most figure-flattering design, it can definitely be cute with the right accessories (ie. a belt). This would also definitely work as a dress. Just make it longer. You will need: -Fabric -bias tape -thread -sewing machine or needle for hand sewing To calculate how much fabric you will need measure how long you want the shirt/dress to be, then add 2" for hem allowances, then multiply by two, and add 4-6" for where it comes up in the front. Cut your fabric into two strips along the weft (width wise as opposed to length wise), with one strip being 4-6" longer than the other. On the bigger piece of fabric, fold it in quarters and then cut a curve out of it so that when you unfold it, it will have two points, one 1/4 of the way across, and the other will be 3/4 of the way across. Then sew the bigger piece of fabric, or the "front piece" (the one with the curves) to the smaller piece of fabric, or the "back piece" (the one that is just a rectangle). Make sure that the side seams on both pieces of fabric are the same length. If they aren't the same length or close to the same length, you might have to adjust your curve or make on of the pieces shorter. Word to the wise: cut your shirt longer than you think you want it. YOu can always make it shorter later, but you can never make it longer. Your shirt will seem to lose length when you cinch it with a belt. Also, more fabric = more weight = prettier drape. Once the front and back are sewn together you can press the seams open. Having a hot iron ready as you are sewing will give you a much cleaner, more professional looking finish. At this point I would hem. Why not wait till the end to hem? Well, because this design is mostly draped, I like to have the bottom edge finished first, so I'll know what it will look like and how it will fall, and then I will adjust the straps at the top if anything needs changing. Then you need to either make pleats or gathers along the top edge. To make gathers, sew two lines of basting stitches along the top edge, then take the treads and pull on them to create the gathers. Once it's gathered, sew on your bias tape trim. Bias tape is really cool stuff, even though it's made from woven fabric, it has the ability to stretch , go around edges without wrinkling, and it conforms to curves. You could do this as a tank top or a halter. It all depends on what you do with the straps, if you sew them to the back, or if you tie them behind your neck. One of the reasons I opted to make this a tank instead of a halter was because I Made it a bit to big and needed something to keep the back of the shirt from draping open halfway down by back. .....Anyway. I hope enjoyed this tutorial. Please remember to subscribe because there will be many more awesome videos like this one to come. And if you have any suggestions for future videos, please leave them in the comments section either here on on my channel page. Thanks so much for watching!
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