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Perfume review: Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue

This perfume is the antithesis of fresh. Top Notes : Granny Smith Apple, Sicilian Citrus, Bluebells. Middle Notes : Jasmine, White Rose, Bamboo. Base Notes : Cedarwood, Amber, Musk The opening is lemon. Not like a lemon oil scent, but more like the juice. Lemon oil tends to smell like furnature polish, but the juicy smell they've got going is just tangy and refreshing. It doesnt last though. When it dries down a frankenscence-y resin comes out. I dont really understand why frankenscence/incence/cedar/amber is considered "fresh" or "bright" or "light". I consider this type of smell to be warm, or dark, or even smokey. And in light blue it just smells harsh. Definatley more on the dark/smokey side. Smells like a catholic church or a funeral. There is also a very understated savory note. I think it might be a failed attempt at apple. It kind of reminds me of fenegreek. Or you know when you eat curry and the spices get metabolized and sweated out and the smell is basicaly the worst type of BO ever? It kind of reminds me of that. I dont smell any jasime or floral notes in light blue. However, jasmine, and sambac jasmine in particular, contains compounds called indols. Indols are also produced by the bacteria in fesces. HIgh concentrations tend to smell like feces and low concentrations tend to smell like flowers. However it's mostly a matter of perception, and since I dont smell flowers..... And to add insult to injury, because this perfume is defined as "fresh," people tend to douse themseves in it to try and cover up BO. To sum things up, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue smells like someone spilled some mr clean in a funeral home full of sweaty Indian people. It's beyond me why it's so popular. Dolce gabbana d&G light blue perfume fragrance smell review juicy couture flower bomb la vie en rose sample giveaway light fresh bright putrid synthetic cheap harsh citrus lemon juice refreshing incense resin amber cedar frankincense dark smokey rich luxury versace bright crystal savory lovage fenugreek fair unbiased objective subjective men women man woman male female curry bo body odor rogan josh cardamom B O sweaty Indians on a plane sambac Jasmin indole indoles fecal bacteria shit crap floral gardenia tuberose mr clean funeral home perfume theory pheromones romantic sweaty contest giveaway
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