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What My Videos TItle Means - and Why We Can Be Friends ;)

Might as well clarify everything. My title is the way it is because I am not using any pills or crash diets to lose weight. End of story. What I don't understand is why anyone would think that because I don't believe surgery is a good option, I am against them and their choice to have it. We are ALL on this planet, living by our own values and belief structures - so why can't we appreciate each other and move past the bullshit? I was raised in a homeopathic, vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) home. I was raised with Eastern medicine, and we only went to Western medicine when absolutely necessary. I believe in the incredible adaptability and healing power of the body, and personally feel that surgery is extreme and unhealthy. But whether you have it or not, and whether it works for you or not, is not my place to say. And why should you care what my beliefs are anyway? It's yours that matter to your own decisions. I don't hate, look down upon, or mock anyone who has had weight loss surgery. Your decision does not effect me, therefore we can be at peace. Why insult and attack me? Let it be... I am not here to hate, nor have I ever been. I find it interesting, looking back, that I thought it was SO HARD at the beginning, and now I know that that struggle I went though was only because of my perception. After I decided that it wasn't so hard, then it wasn't. It's all about mindset, people. But when your mired in depression and helplessness, it takes a lot of strength to realize that it's "not hard" and is, indeed, just a choice. *xoxo* On another note, it seems the voice is only out of sync with the video when I do quickcapture, so I shall no longer be doing videos that way :(
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