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The Light in the Dark, Part 1

The Light in the Dark, Part 1 by Daniele Bergamini MyFreeCopyright Certificate: [Link to the rules (danbergam, V1.0)] [Previous Chapters/Parts] None. - "Where do I am? It's so dark, here... that I can't see where I am! If only I could perceive some air blowing... a smell... a noise... Nothing. How can I be surrounded... by nothing?! No! It's not possible! Let me... let me move a step... oh, but I have to be prudent! For sure! As far as I know... I may be stepping on a thin strip of ground... while around myself there may be bottomless pits! Where do I am?! What kind of ground is this? Is it rough? Is it polished? Is it dusty? This darkness is so thick, so... dense... that all of my senses seem like unable to perceive anything from the outside. It's like if the darkness... was wrapping me! So, come on, let's move this first step... just a little one... very little... Yes, but... to where? What's the right direction? And what's the wrong one?! What if any direction was the wrong one, what if any direction meant to fall down somewhere?!? Oh, after all... why should I ever fall down?! Where does this idea come from, now?!? Now. Now... and before? Where was I, before?! And why am I here, now? All these questions... and I know no answer! I dig in myself, in my mind, in my memory, for to find some answers... and I find nothing. Who... am I? Hey! Was it a light, what I saw down there for a little while?!? If only I saw it again... [CONTINUES (MAYBE)]
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