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Symphonic Music - A little symphony for Kierri - *original* by danbergam

*Original Music* (and Copyrighted too) by Daniele Bergamini (a.k.a. danbergam) Copyright: [[[Introduction]]] This is just the first one of *** a series *** of video-dedications by me to people on YT (and maybe also not-YTers), subscribers, friends, fans or simply people I ended admiring / loving / "whatever good" feeling. The "opening act" is dedicated to [roll of drums!] Kierri and, btw, even if indirectly, to her Mother Jessyca Just visit their channels, and *pay great attention* to what these two ladies from England have to tell you. You won't regret it. This music... it simply conveys in an audible form my emotions, my feelings, my impressions, my thoughs about her and her life: but I know, she'd deserve a better dedication than just a 4:30 long "symphony" written by an uneducated composer... They say the thought counts... I'd suppose is quite true. Because of the serious, touching subjects involved... it came out very emotional and classical: so far, it's maybe *my best composition ever*. The video explains it all quite effectively (at least, this is what I hope). I tried my best to be careful and respectful, while chosing the clips by Kierri to use: I wish I could have succeded. But, in the end... I didn't do anything more than re-tell what Kierri and Jessyca already told in their videos. Compositionally, Symphonically and YouTubingly yours Daniele Bergamini (a.k.a. danbergam) from Italy [[[Copyright disclaimers]]] This music *is copyrighted* with MyFreeCopyright. BTW, ANY USE OF THIS ORIGINAL MUSIC *WITHOUT* MY PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED. (Yeah, I know what you're thinking... no, I didn't ask this person his/her permission to use his/her videos... but hey, I couldn't ruin the surprise, don't you think?! ;-D) [[[Technical notes (on this work)]]] All has been done with Garritan Personal Orchestra and GenieSoft Overture 3.5. As I wrote in the ending titles, composition took me from 18 to 24 April, in spare time: in effects, the big work took me just the first... three days, I'd say: the rest was just for little refinements (while putting together the video). [[[Technical notes (in general)]]] Music is ccmposed by me... I'm self-taught and certainly a real composer or even a music student could find one million imperfections in my work... Anyway, I like... no, I love what I compose, and I'm pretty satisfied with it, even if I understand that one of the figures mentioned above could do endlessly better with the same starting ideas... But, in the end... is not my fault if someone's selling cheap and great orchestral libraries and notation composing software! ;-) I mainly use that masterpiece called Garritan Personal Orchestra and, sometimes, soundfonts to have particular/ethnic/modern sounds in my hands. Style/mood changes *every time*, according to how that person is... and what *my personal vision* of that person is! I'm sorry, if I won't necessarily come out, each time, with a strictly classical piece (expect a lot of experimentation)... Just remember: if I composed music dedicated to you, is because *I admire you*, for whatever reason... and despite the result! ^_^;; Sometimes they are instrumentals, sometimes are not, and sometimes I could play my guitar all along. It just depends of inspiration's nature. Remember: I'm just a "composer" (and, first of all, a human being), receiving inputs and feelings from the world outside... And if you find some kind of beauty in these dedications... well, this happens for two reasons: 1) I was lucky enough to be able to let my music convey these feelings 2) The person I'm dedicating this one... gave me these feelings for first! In the end... is only partially my "fault"! ;-) [A note for my subscribers, friends, fans, etc...] Please, be patient if so far I didn't dedicate anything to you... Soon or later, ***your turn will (maybe... who knows?) come too***! It all depends from my inspirations, which are usually unespected. But I give you an hint: just *be yourself*... *be inspiring*! :-D BTW, you can even let me know if you *don't want* a musical dedication by me to you! ^_^;;
Length: 04:33


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