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Thoughts - What I received from Life (Version 2)

[I couldn't obtain permissions for all of the artworks, so I had to change some of them... (very) minor changes to text, too.] Thoughts and Feelings of a (disabled) man by Daniele Bergamini I received an heavy cross to carry on my shoulders ...but also strong shoulders to bear such a weight I received a cross heavier than that of million people ...but also a lot lighter than that of a greater amount of people. I received double of the fatigue for every single step I do ...but also a lot of chairs on the way to sit on. I got difficulties in walking for not to talk about ladders ...but also a fervid imagination to travel everywhere, despite my limits. I received days to forget about in which I would rather be anyone else ...and days to remember, in which I wouldn't want to be anyone else. I received hard battles to fight for ...and the sweetest victories a man could ever taste. I got hard times searching for a woman able to love me as I am ...and a lot of patience to wait the day she'll find me. Sometimes I got distrust on my abilities despite what I could do ...but also a strong personality for not to care too much. I got a Creator that I can't see ...but I got creatures in which He reflects Himself. I got a God I can't abreact to ...and a Good which took His cross to not let me feel alone on mine. I got mistakes for which I can't forgive myself ...and a God with an endless mercy. I got a lifetime of trouble ...but also a possible eternity of joy. Sometimes I got a sense of unjustice for what I miss ...but also a Nature teaching lessons: this lifetime winter won't win. Sometimes I got a sense of unjustice for what I miss ...but also a God promising: "who's last'll be first!" I got a bunch of questions to ask for the sky ...but I can say I dug my soul at least once in my life. I got a life which teaches me what "sorrow" means ...the same life which shows me what "joy" means. Yes. I received a life to live day after day. [Words by danbergam.] Artworks used: *: used by kind Author's permission. *Me (Cross-tripod) Beuckelaer - "Christ carrying the Cross" - Leonardo da Vinci - "Vitruvian man" - - "JOB 32 - 6 Elihu said I am young and ye are very old.jpg" starved girl - Max Klinger - Sisifus (The Faculties) - Bharat Bhushan - Steps to the Kibutsu Shrine, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. - *Me - "A seagull flying above the ocean" * Felipe Micaroni Lalli - Smile - wikimedia Jan Matejko - Battle of Grunwald 1410 - Nightscream - Rocky monument - *Peter Hall - "The wanderer" John William Waterhouse - "Miranda - The Tempest" - * * Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael - "Der Windsto?" - * john William Waterhouse - The Lady of Shalott - Diego Velasquez - "Christ on the Cross" - John William Waterhouse - "The remorse of Nero..." - Adolf Hylla - "Jesus of Divine Mercy" - *Vittorio Mazzucconi - "Golden Fleece" Gustave Dor? - "Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven (The Empyrean)" - Van Gogh - "Portrait of Dr. Gachet" - The Nature & The Internet *Jenny Thompson - "Blue queue" - Jesus teaching how to pray "Vintage: road gang" - Honor? Daumier - "Pierrot mit der Guitarre" - Terbrugghen Hendrick - "Der singende Lautenspieler" - *Me, at home! ^_^ (more) (less)
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