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GTAC 2010: Early Test Feedback by Test Prioritisation

Google Test Automation Conference 2010October 28-29, 2010Early Test Feedback by Test PrioritisationPresented by Shin Yoo, University College London & Robert Nilsson, Google Inc.ABSTRACTAs software become more complex and the number of clients grows, it becomes harder to modify legacy modules without breaking clients. Large scale regression testing takes a lot of resources and, if a shared version control system is used, detecting problems at the integration stage can affect the productivity of client teams. We present a testing approach, based on meta-heuristic optimisation, that empowers developers to select a set of pre-submit tests that, while testing as many integration points as possible, can be executed within manageable amount of time. Our assumption is that this will capture a large percentage of cross-module breakages while significantly decreasing the testing effort. The approach was implemented and evaluated in a series of experiments at Google; it sits between two extreme pre-submit testing practices currently used by Google developers: either run a small number of familiar (i.e in the same directory) tests or submit the code to TAP in order to execute semi-exhaustive collection of tests automatically. Empirical evaluation shows that the new approach can still effectively detect test breakage without executing relevant tests exhaustively.Shin Yoo is a postgraduate researcher working in Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST) at University College London. His main expertise lies in application of meta-heuristic optimisation for various software engineering problems including the optimisation of regression testing process. He has published a survey of the state-of-the-art regression testing techniques recently.Robert Nilsson is a Software Engineer in Test working in the google Zurich office where he has been developing tools for automated testing and developer productivity since early 2007. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the university of Linkoping, his thesis specialized in mutation testing and automated test case generation for real-time systems.Slides for this presentation are available at
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