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Azul's Real-Time Profiling & Monitoring (RTPM) Tool

Google Tech TalksFebruary, 13 2008ABSTRACTI present an unscripted live demo of RTPM, Azul's profiling& monitoring tool (meaning: I'll take suggestions from the audience onwhat buttons to push during the demo). JVM's routinely collect a lotof very useful information internally and the Azul engineers were longfrustrated that this information was not readily available outside theVM: with RTPM it now is.Azul works with some of the largest Java programs around. Weroutinely debug performance problems in programs with hundreds ofrunning threads (not just runnable threads) using garbage-collectedheaps with 100's of gigabytes. RTPM is a big selling point with ourcustomers, and our secret weapon for telling you what your program isdoing. * Always-on (low overhead) everything * All stats viewable from standard web browers * Contended monitors, i.e. "hot locks" - and call stacks forthreads blocked on the lock * Live counts of all sys-calls, i/o, file caches, RPC's, native calls * Live stats on GC: heap size, GC cycle times, generation sizes, app pause times, app allocation rates, etc * Live stats of live stuff in the heap; * Aggregate "points-to" on all heap objects. Suspect a leak? Bylooking at the suspicious objects' points-to data you can quicklyzero-in on the root of the leak. * Live hot-code profiling * JIT asm dumps, annotated with live hardware perf counters * Live stack traces of running threads (in 1-line-per Java callformat, or 1-line-per-Java-local) * "Peek" into the live heap, much like a debugger can - straightfrom live stack trace dumps * Surf around the loaded class hierarchy, or the JIT'd code or allHotSpot flags or... * Works with 1000's of runnable threads * Works with 100's of Gigabyte heapsSpeaker: Cliff Click (Azul Systems)
Length: 53:08


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