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The Lost Bag - Talk To Me In Korean

Shop for Korean textbooks, e-books, clothes, and more! Write sentences. Get corrections from native speakers. Be awesome. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's our new mini drama, based on one of the ideas posted by our listeners for the video "What happens next? #1" ( ) This was the original comment: "She's walking until realizing she lost her handbag. She goes back (cafe) and looks for it where she sat. A man in the background glimpses at her. She asks the employee if he's seen it but he hasn't. While leaving, worker yells "See you tomorrow" The shy man goes to give her the bag but it's too late. Next day she returns and the worker hands her the handbag with a note attached "don't forget your handbag". The employee says it was anonymous. When leaving the man from? day before looks and smiles." - Idea by Starring: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are the Korean phrases used in this video: ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. ????? [yeo-bo-se-yo] = Hello? 2. ??. [an-nyeong] = Hi. / Hello. 3. ?????. [o-raen-ma-ni-ya.] = It's been a long time. 4. ?????. [gam-sa-ham-ni-da.] = Thank you. 5. ?? ?????. [jeong-mal gam-sa-ham-ni-da] Thank you very much. 6. ????. [jam-kkan-man-yo.] = Wait a second. 7. ?? ? ????. [yeo-gi je beon-ho-ye-yo.] = Here is my number. 8. ??? ???? ? ? ??. [da-eu-me keo-pi-ra-do han jan hae-yo.] = Let's drink some coffee of something next time. 9. ???? [mwo-ye-yo?] = What is it? / What's going on? 10. ? ?? ? ??? ???? [je ga-bang wae ga-ji-go i-sseo-yo?] = Why do you have my bag? 11. ?? ??. [ppal-li jwo-yo.] = Give it to me quickly. 12. ??? ????. [i-sang-han sa-ra-mi-ya.] = What a weird person. 13. ??... [jeo-gi...] = Well... / Excuse me... 14. ?? ?... [beon-ho jom...] = (Could you give me your) Number...? ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for watching!
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