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This is the lighting from the solar panel video. This Lightning hit right outside our window. We usually have 3 unmanned cameras set up on tripods under shelters to film storms dues to the excessive lightning strikes we get (about 2 direct hits on our property per year). This storm formed quickly to set up the cameras so I resorted to filming through our door window. The term "lightning core" I mention before the strike is something I made up. During Florida storms that form along the sea breeze front, lightning sometimes moves in linear directions. Prior to this strike, about every 30 seconds, a strike occurred. I started monitoring a strike 2 miles north of us roughly. The next strikes were all located North approaching in 1/3 mile increments each closer than the one before. The first strike in this video was within 1000 feet based on the sound to strike method. I told Denise to sit on the floor and stay away from the windows because I knew the next strike would be close. Our electrical power had been off for 10 minutes when this video was filmed. We take lightning very serious, none of our dogs are allowed to be outside and we do not go out until the thunder is far away or totally gone. We have both been outside before and nearly struck by First Strikes from storms. We have also almost been hit by a stray bolt after 30 minutes with no lightning (we thought the storm was done). I am also working on a video with giant lightning. The most powerful could to ground lighting occurring as a storm dissipates and the cloud base is higher from the ground. The strikes are much less frequent so larger charges build up. This lightning is usually cloud to cloud (sheet lightning), on occasion it is cloud to ground and the sound can rumble for miles. You can hear it rumbling for 15-20 seconds before the sound actually reaches you. When the thunder arrived, it actually has shaken stuff off our walls. A friend of ours house was directly struck by this lightning. I knew the specific storm and there was this type of lightning occurring. He described a strike almost an hour after the storm and frequent lightning stopped. His chimney was directly struck and the lightning blew all the mortared decorative rocks off flinging 5 pound projectiles about his house. Every romex line burned and blacked his drywall. His high end computer surge protector/battery backup melted and 3 PCs were destroyed. He stated "If it was plugged in, it was destroyed". No fire occurred but total damages were in excess of $30,000. Our video was not giant lightning as it occurred during an active storm. Giant Lightning is total different, possibly 20-100 times more powerful.
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