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ATHLEAN-X Live! Your Workout and Nutrition Questions Answered In the first ever ATHLEAN-X Live, I take your workout and nutrition questions and answer them direct! Audio was set a bit low (sorry...the mark of a true first timer) but if you use a pair of headphones or raise up your audio to the max you should be able to hear this without a problem! For a recap and quick reference of the exact workout and nutrition questions that were covered in this Q&A look below: - Thank you YouTube and all of you who support ATHLEAN-X 1:14 - I'm an Ectomorph...should I be BULKING first 3:26 - Can I hurt my elbow joints using too much weight on bicep curls 5:22 - Can I get your ATHLEAN-X program here in India 7:05 - Jeff what do you think of Intermittent Fasting 7:58 - What can we do to build stamina 11:04 - Should I take antioxidants after I workout 13:00 - Does sprinting make you lose muscle mass and can I do it after training 13:37 - Can you do a video of you working out one day in the gym 15:32 - Can you train every day 17:00 - How long after your workout is the best time to get in protein 17:26 - Do you have any "bulking" or tips for adding muscle 18:25 - Is preworkout stretching a good thing to do 20:26 - Are foam rollers any good 22:48 - What's better...standing or seated shoulder presses 25:18 - Should I consume alcohol and expect good results while working out 27:28 - What do you feel about Olympic Lifts 29:38 - Do you think I can take casein protein after working out 30:37 - Compound lifts or isolation exercises for adding size 32:45 - Can I use ATHLEAN-X in conjunction with my boxing / MMA training 34:03 - I just got my cast should I approach my ATHLEAN-X training 34:30 - How do I avoid shoulder pain while bench pressing 36:17 - Do you believe in the incorporation of yoga to build athleticism 38:02 - What do you think about Tabata and 5x5 workouts 39:20 - Wrap up and info about the ATHLEAN-X Training System 42:19 - How do I know if I should I do AX-1 or AX2 44:18 Thanks so much for your questions! This was a lot of fun and I look forward to scheduling more of these in the future. If you like these fitness questions and answers sessions be sure to THUMB THIS UP below to let me know and I'll be sure to do more...more often. In the meantime, to start following a program that incorporates all of the principles discussed in this Q&A head to my site, and click on the "FOR MEN" button to get the ATHLEAN-X Training System that is most appropriate to you. If you haven't worked out with ATHLEAN-X before I highly recommend you begin with AX-1 and progress from there. Finally, for more workouts and nutrition videos be sure to check out my youtube channel at Looking forward to seeing you on "TEAM ATHLEAN"!
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