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Protein After Workout: Does It Really Increase Muscle Growth? -? Discover How To Gain Weight & Build Muscle Fast! Protein after workout? Does it really increase muscle growth? Watch the video to find out or read below... If you want to gain muscle mass in the most efficient way, then eating protein after your workout is essential. In this article we'll cover why eating protein after a workout is necessary for fast growth, how much protein you should be eating, and what protein sources you should use. Most guys in the gym are hard at work, stacking plates on a barbell, blasting out another rep or two of squats, or curling a set of dumbbells until it feels like their arms are going to fall off. But what happens after your workout? Do you know how to prime your body for muscle growth after you've just fully exhausted your muscles at the gym? Unless you are paying attention to what you eat after your workouts (and not just how much you lift) your gains will come slower than necessary. You see, unless you are feeding your muscles properly, they won't get nearly as big as you would like. The best nutrient you can feed your body after a hard workout is protein. The reason eating protein after your workouts is so incredibly important is that it's the main nutrient involved in repairing and building muscle tissue. When you are in the gym pumping out rep after rep, all you're really doing is working to break down muscle tissue. It's only through the damage and eventual repair of this tissue that your muscles get bigger, harder, and stronger. You could just about kill yourself working out in the gym but unless your muscles get the nutrients they need, you will never experience quick gains. What you need is a shot of protein after your weight training session, and lots of it. What Kind Of Protein Should I Take After My Workout? First of all, protein comes in several different forms but for the purposes of this discussion, we will stick to WHEY protein. Whey protein is most easily synthesized by your body. In simple terms, it means your muscles love it and will use it immediately as they repair and build new muscle tissue. Your goal should be to throw back a high quality protein drink within 30 minutes of performing your last set. This is the time when your muscles are in dire need of replenishment and a quality whey protein drink will go right to work where it's needed. Ideally, if you can afford it, get "Whey Protein Isolate." This is a more pure form of protein and more easily digested by your body. Lower cost "Whey Protein Concentrate" is also available which will work great too. But because the concentrate contains large amounts of lactose and fat, it can often leave you with a bloated and gassy feeling. How Much Protein Do You Need? As for how much, aim for about 1.5 - 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight daily when trying to build muscle and you can ingest about 20% of this in your post workout drink. Many high quality protein powders boast as much as 50 grams of protein or more per serving but make sure to carefully read the label... Your goal is to get protein in your body, not sugar and fat. So opt for a powder that is low in sugar and fat whenever possible. So, if you want to make your workouts really count, then remember to take protein after your workout so your muscles can repair and grow. Quality protein taken within 30 minutes of the finish of your workout is crucial to your muscle building success. Get the full story on eating protein after workout here:
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