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Waves Tune: How To Convert Audio to MIDI | WinkSound

Download Waves Tune: Subscribe to WinkSound for weekly music production giveaways and video releases: The human voice is a magical tool, almost like a fingerprint, one's voice is unique and can act as an identifier. Throughout history singers, engineers and producers alike have tried to control the human voice and the multitude of different components that make each voice different such as intonation, timbre and vibrato. By converting an audio performance to MIDI you can take control of all these parameters create new and interesting sounds, textures and patterns. Waves Tune features an Export MIDI function which allows you to easily convert an audio file into a versatile MIDI sequence. In this video learn how to navigate the Waves Tune plugin interface, use basic tuning function to pitch correct a vocal performance and export the audio notes as a MIDI sequence. To convert audio to MIDI in Waves Tune: 1. First pitch correct the audio as you would like the MIDI to play using the main pitch controls. If you need further tools right-click within the Pitch Edit Graph to access the editing tools or choose from the Tool Menu at the bottom center of the plugin window. 2. Once your vocal is in tune click on the Export MIDI button located above the Overview Window. Choose a name for your file, select a destination where to save the new MIDI file to and click 'Save'. 3. Now you can import the new MIDI file onto an instrument track within your music production software, assign a virtual instrument and begin designing a new sound or even re-arranging the MIDI note pattern. You can use the Save button to create a preset based on your current settings. This could be a good idea if your working on a large project with similar material multiple versions of the same song. Learn more about Waves Z-Noise and other Waves plugins at Keep up to date with the latest tutorials from WinkSound by following our feeds: YouTube - Twitter -!/WinkSound Tumblr - WinkSound Mobile Apps: Instagram -
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