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PreSonus Studio One 2: How To Sidechain Using A Ghost Kick | WinkSound

Download PreSonus Studio One 2: Subscribe to WinkSound to win a copy of Studio One 2, an AudioBox 22VSL audio interface and a SoundCloud Pro account: Sidechaining is a common technique used to create space and interaction between elements of a mix such as a kick and synth line. In electronic dance music genres such as House, Dubstep and Moombahton it's common to use a ghost kick, or muted kick drum, to sidechain bass or synth lines to creating the desired pumping effect without hearing the kick in the mix. PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional offers a simple routing solution when sidechaining in your sessions. To setup a ghost kick to sidechain a synth line within PreSonus Studio One 2 Professional: 1. Insert a compressor onto the synth track and engage the sidechain. 2. On the kick track open a new send and assign it to the sidechain on the synth track. 3. Set the send on the kick to pre-fader and completely lower the volume on the kick. 4. Adjust the amount of signal being sent from the kick to the synth's sidechain with the send fader. The effect is now the synth progression pumping to a four on the floor pattern but the kick is not present in the mix. As a compositional tool it leaves space for breakdowns, transitions and buildups to happen. Intros are a particularly common space for this effect. When adjusting the compressor on the synth track try these settings for a pronounced effect: 1. High Ratio, above 5:1 2. Low Threshold. The lower the threshold, the more of the signal will be compressed every time the kick plays causing a drastic effect. Learn more about PreSonus Studio One 2 and download a free demo at: Keep up to date with the latest tutorials from WinkSound by following our feeds: YouTube - Twitter -!/WinkSound Tumblr - WinkSound Mobile Apps: Instagram -
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