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Testing 3D Games in VMWare Workstation (Virtual PC)

It mentioned in the VMWare Workstation Website that you can use 3D Acceleration or DirectX in VMWare Workstation. But is this true? Well, here's a test i did in order to make sure that this is true. And it turns out, it is. The game i'm going to be testing in this video is......your gonna laugh at this......Need For Speed II SE. Crazy, huh? But actually, this experiment was supposed to be tested on Windows 95 but unfortunately, the OS didn't supported high 3D Graphics (Not DOS) games on Windows 95 and Windows 98. So, what are my conclusions? Well, 3D Acceleration and DirectX works perfectly in VMWare Workstation and i highly recommend it! So if anyone is using Microsoft Virtual PC, remove it and get yourself VMWare Workstation - There's just one problem. You have to pay for it. but you could try the 30-Day Trial. The Operating System used in this Windows 2000 Professional NT Edition. Hope you enjoy the video! SUBSCRIBE!
Length: 07:10


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