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CREATED BYWar Department. Military Intelligence Division.SUMMARYReel 1: Pan, North Korean mountains. VS, buildings with posters. Pan of city of Pyongyang. VS, street scenes. Koreans reading signs and notices, listening to public address system. LS, Mo Ran Pong, suburb of Pyongyang. LS, exteriors and interiors of building where representatives of 56 political parties meet. (Place is near Mo Ran Pong). Kim Il Sung, Hu Hun and Park Hun Young arriving by car and being greeted. Reel 2: Representatives grouped outside meeting hall. Kim Il Sung walking with Hu Hun and Park Hun Young. VS, Korean representatives entering hall and taking their places. VS, Kim Il Sung and staff walking around grounds, entering hall. Assembly standing at attention while national anthem is played. Kim Il Sung, officially opening the meeting. Various groups entering hall and presenting flowers to Kim Il Sung. Park Hun Young, Hu Hun, Kim Check, Park Nam Hoon, Kim Dal Hoon and Hu Young Soon addressing the meeting. Young boy, speaking at meeting. Kim Il Sung speaking. Reel 3: Unidentified Russian officer presenting paper to Kim Il Sung. VS, North Koreans working farms, building ships, operating dams, (hydroelectric) plants, steel factories, textile looms, silk mills and building locomotives. Reel 4: AV, large unidentified factory. VS, Kim Il Sung saying, "South Korea is in great danger and they (South Koreans) do not know what is going on. The North Koreans and South Koreans are of the same blood and we must plan to help each other." VS, Park Hun Young saying, "The Americans are treating the South Koreans badly and are not giving them their freedom; they are having riots." Animated map showing the American section of Korea. VS, starving men, women and children in American section of Korea. VS, demonstrations by South Koreans for food. VS, idle and damaged factories. Reel 5: VS, hysterical South Koreans rioting. VS, North Korean representatives outside meeting hall. VS, South Koreans: Kim Koo, HongMyung He and Cho So Hang arriving and being greeted by Kim Il Sung. Kim Koo addressing the assemblage. MS, North Korean members speaking against the United Nations.LANGUAGE: Korean FOR MORE INFORMATION
Length: 02:10



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