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Use 3D Flash 8: 3D Anchor Points By default, when you rotate an object in 3D space, the anchor point of that rotation is the center of the object. In this video, youll learn how to change that anchor point. For the first time, Flash CS4 now offers some built-in 3D functionality that allows you to enhance your Flash animations and applications. In this video series, Flash guru, Craig Campbell, will walk you through the new 3D features of Flash and show you how to create some stunning visuals in the Flash timeline as well as in ActionScript. This lesson is excerpted from a full course entitled Using 3D in Flash CS4. By purchasing the full course, youll receive a substantial discount relative to the individual lesson pricing. The full course is available as a series of lessons on MindBites (see link above this description) or can be purchased from at The instructor, Craig Campbell, is a Senior trainer at He has always enjoyed the teaching aspect of his job. He feels that relating to the person who is trying to learn something for the first time is a strongpoint of his. He has mastered the Adobe suite of products such as Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator. He also trains people in web design/development areas like HTML, CSS and WordPress. A recent student sent us the following: "Craig has a fun, relaxed style that gets his point across very well. His small flashes of humor are very welcome, and bridge the gap nicely between sitting in front of a video series and being in an actual classroom. His lightness of style "humanizes" the experience of learning this way.
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