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Coordinate Geom: Graphing Linear Relations This 79 minute coordinate geometry lesson covers graphing linear relations (straight lines), x & y intercepts and lines perpendicular to a graph of an equation. After this lesson you will be able to: - find the slope and y intercept from an equation - write equations of lines given one point and the slope or given two points - understand relations (sets of ordered pairs) - graph linear relations using: a calculator, table of values, x and y intercepts, slope of a line and a point on the line - understand a missing variable - work with positive, negative, zero and undefined slope - understand slope intercept form y = mx + b and understand point slope form - recognize the standard form of a linear equation Sample question: Find the equation in standard form of the line passing through (4, -2) and perpendicular to the graph of 5x y 1 = 0 This lesson contains explanations of the concepts and 23 example questions with step by step solutions plus 7 interactive review questions with solutions. Lesson that will help you with the fundamentals of this lesson: - 190 Coordinate Plane, Distance and Midpoint Formulas (
Length: 04:38


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