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How to Play the Drums: Reading Triplets This lesson goes over the basics and fundamentals of reading and playing triplets. A triplet is not a type of note, it is a special modification that we can make to notes to alter the rhythm. We can make a triplet from any kind of note - for example we could have a crotchet triplet, a quaver triplet, a semiquaver triplet, or any sort of triplet at all. A triplet is three notes or rests that are played in the time of two notes or rests. This means for example, that a quaver triplet has three quaver notes, that are to be played evenly over the time it would normally take to play two quaver notes. This of course means that they are a little faster. The speed of quaver triplets is about halfway between that of normal quaver triplets and semiquaver triplets. The lesson will also teach you about what notation indicates triplets. In order to get you up to speed on playing triplets, Jim will use the metronome to help make sure your timing is not speeding up or slowing down in response to the triplets. Once you're familiar playing triplets and maintaining time, Jim will walk you through a couple different triplet exercises (on the practice pad and on the drum kit). This lesson is excerpted from a broader course available from The Begin Drumming course is a 100% comprehensive drumming course which takes you from absolute beginner to expert soloist without any gimmicky short cuts! Through a combination of video and written lessons, the course will teach you proper technique as well as how to read drum music. Starting with basic explanation of triplets this lesson moves on to alternating techniques between triples and doubles. More advanced applications of different speeds and usage in music are covered in the later lesson through the usage of exercises included in this lesson. Concluding this lesson is the application of triplets on drum set. The drum kit exercise is included in the full version of this lesson.
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