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2009 Build Your Own PC Components: Sound Card Overview: In this lesson we'll cover computer sound cards from low to high-end, what PCI sound card comparisons to look for when shopping, and how much you can expect to pay. Whether your are building your first gaming PC yourself, a budget computer, or just interested in learning what goes into a computer these lessons will help you get there. The sound card is responsible for creating all that you hear from your computer speakers. The sound card can also be used to bring sound into your computer from a microphone, TV or any other audio device. Most motherboards have sound built into them so a separate sound card isn't needed. If you're going to use your computer for playing games or as a music or video recording workstation you should considering getting a separate sound card. You can find a sound card that will give you higher quality sound with all the inputs and outputs you need. The sound card will go into an open PCI or PCI Express expansion slot on the motherboard. See the motherboard component lesson( and Installation lesson 8( more information. This lesson is part of a comprehensive series of lessons created by Home PC Builder that will guide you through the process of building your computer (from the selection internal and external components through installation and setup). You can purchase all 28 lessons in the course and save 46%. For a DVD of this full series, please refer to The other lessons in this Internal Component series are: Pt 1/10: Hard Drives - Pt 2/10: DVD/Blu-Ray - Pt 3/10: Memory/RAM - Pt 4/10: Video Card - Pt 5/10: Sound Card - This Lesson Pt 6/10: Modem, Ethernet, Wireless - Pt 7/10: Processor/CPU - Pt 8/10: Motherboard - Pt 9/10: Case & PSU - Pt 10/10: Cooling - You can buy all 10 internal component lessons as a series and save 30% This sound card component lesson covers Sound Quality: What specs to look for when you buy to make sure your get clean sound Connections: All of the inputs and outputs available on sound cards and what they do Prices: How much to spend on a sound card depending on your connection requirements and level of sound quality The video ends with a summary of features and specifications to look for when buying. In the installation lessons we will show how to install a sound card into your computer. ( The supplemental file below contains the complete written information from the video and is available to download after you buy.
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