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Ninjutsu: Vicious Wind Technique Todays fighters are faster and agile,and if you have not adapted your style to meet this fact you may find Your self overwhelmed. The wind technique is about deadly speed and effectiveness in combat self defense Just as a destructive wind storm can destroy a town & damage property in a matter of seconds, your attacker Is delt with in a similar way. The wind technique shows you how to over take your Attacker, and inflict damage fast, leaving them confused And injured on the ground, as if they had just been caught in an unsuspected wind storm or tornadoe. Sensei Lewis shows how the wind technique works Against attempts to grab & grapple, empty hand,even Multiple attackers & Weapon attacks. The concept is To become like the wind, a vicious and deadly wind That cannot be stopped as it destroys whatever is in Its path.
Length: 04:14


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