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Replacement Mouths for Claymation Puppets Making your puppets appear to talk and move their mouths is no simple task. If you're having trouble making nice replacement mouths your not alone. Most people don't know where to start either. In this latest video you can discover the exact steps Marc Spess used to create replacement mouths for Zombie Pirates. In this new video tutorial you will learn how to.... - properly cut your puppets face for molding - make a mold out of silicone for casting your replacement mouths - align your replacement mouths to your puppets head with 100% accuracy - how to cast your replacements in the silicone "Van Aken Claytoon AND Newplast" You also learn how to... - replace the mouths during animation - properly smooth the seam - how to hide the seam lines by changing the design I've worked in the animation industry and like to teach clay and stop motion through my web sites. You can find out more about us at...
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