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2010 Build Your Own PC Components: Hard Drives

Watch Full Lesson at: Overview: In this lesson, we'll cover SATA, IDE, external and SSD hard drives, what features and specs to look for when shopping, and how much you can expect to pay when building your own computer. The hard drive is where all information is stored on your computer. Be it the Windows operating system, programs you install, or files you download and create on the computer. Everything is stored on the hard drive. When selecting a hard drive to install into your computer there are two basic features you need to consider. They are the capacity and the speed of the drive. This lesson is part of a comprehensive series of lessons created by Home PC Builder that will guide you through the process of building your computer (from the selection internal and external components through installation and setup). For a DVD of this full series, please refer to The other lessons in this Internal Component series are: Pt 1/10: Hard Drives - This Lesson Pt 2/10: DVD/Blu-Ray - Pt 3/10: Memory/RAM - Pt 4/10: Video Card - Pt 5/10: Sound Card - Pt 6/10: Modem, Ethernet, Wireless - Pt 7/10: Processor/CPU - Pt 8/10: Motherboard - Pt 9/10: Case & PSU - Pt 10/10: Cooling - This hard drive component lesson covers Hard Drive Capacity: Definitions of Gigabyte and Terabyte Examples of how much many files you can fit on a drive The minimum capacity to look for when buying Hard Drive Speed: Definitions of RPM speed and drive cache What revolution speed and cache size to look for when buying Solid State Drives: What makes a drive solid state Advantages and disadvantage of SSD Hard Drive Interfaces: Covers SATA and IDE, which is better and versions to look for when buying RAID: What is RAID Covers the three most popular RAID types, their advantages and disadvantages External Hard drives Covers the different ways of connecting an external drive to your computer. The video ends with a summary of features and specifications to look for when buying. In the installation lessons well go over how to configure and install your hard drive or drives ( ) in your computer. The supplemental file below contains the complete written information from the video and is available to download after you buy.
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