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Biology: Sexual Reproduction and Role of Meiosis for a bundle of videos on Meiosis. For an even broader bundle of videos that cover Cell Reproduction and Meiosis, check out . To search for topic-specific help in our library of 400+ video products for Biology, please refer to our Biology category at: . To check out our full Biology video course, with 390+ videos included, refer to: . Or, for access to this single video, go to: There are two types of reproduction, asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction creates genetically identical offspring. Several types of asexual reproduction are binary fission, which occurs in bacteria, budding, which occurs in coral, and spores, which some plants produce. However, sexual reproduction is selected for, genetically. This is because sexual reproduction produces new genetic combinations in offspring that allow for more variety and competition. These genetic combinations are known as recombinant genes. However, sexual reproduction requires a reductive cell division, called meiosis, to produce gametes. Gametes are haploid sex cells, instead of the normal diploid somatic cells and are necessary to keep the correct number of chromosomes in DNA. Taught by Professor George Wolfe, this lesson was selected from a broader, comprehensive course, Biology.
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