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College Algebra: Binomial Coefficients This lesson is part of a series: College Algebra This lesson answers the question, How do you find the binomial coefficients appearing in the binomial theorem? To do so, you'll use the factorial function (denoted as n! and called n-factorial). After walking through this information, you'll learn how to use the binomial coefficient (or binomial theorem). Thus, you'll learn to evaluate 'binomial coefficient n m' or 'n choose m.' Professor Burger also describes the relationship between the binomial coefficients and Pascal's triangle and walks you through an example of how to apply the binomial theorem. He solves (2A-B)^5 using both Pascal's triangle and binomial coefficients to arrive at 32A^5 - 80A^4B + 80A^3B^2 - 40A^2B^3 + 10AB^4 - B^5. Taught by Professor Edward Burger, this lesson was selected from a broader, comprehensive course, College Algebra. This course and others are available from Thinkwell, Inc. The full course can be found at The full course covers equations and inequalities, relations and functions, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, conic sections and a variety of other AP algebra, advanced algebra and Algebra II topics.
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