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Golden Crocoduck nominees 2012 (Part 2)

Two more Golden Crocoduck nominees -- ppsimmons and BT3701 (Part 1 can be found at You'll find them in the Golden Crocoduck nominees 2012 playlist. Voting will be at the end of September. Regarding comments in the forum of this video, a lot of people maintain that BT3701's video "Hitler promotes Darwinism" is satire. However, the label "satire" was only added to his video title after the translation was questioned by myself and others. Satire at least has to be mildly humorous, poke fun, and be obviously satirical. If people are fooled into thinking the mistranslation is an actual rendering of what Hitler said, then as a satire it fails, it is simply a misquote. On top of that, if BT3701 is messaged by creationiosts who believe it to be an accurate quote and he encourages this rather than corrects them, then he cannot dress up this deception as "satire." I think we should all be able to tell the difference. If I caption a speech by the Pope with the mistranslation: "Contraception's a sin because we need more kids for priests to fondle," it would be obviously satire. If I translate the speech as "Contraception is a sin because without souls God's Church would die," it is not humorous, and feasible enough to be believable. Yet the implication would be that the Pope is against contraception because more poor, uneducated Catholics means more power for the Catholic Church, and this 'satire' would then spread around the Internet as a real quote. Now that BT3701 has come clean and written 'satire' at the top of his video, it is a start. However, that is not enough to be dropped as a coveted Golden Crocoduck nominee. He needs to explain that the satire is in the mistranslation, because it is so unfunny that it is not at all obvious. By the way, I notice that even in the comments section BT3701 continues to misquote Hitler, with no intent to be satirical. He claims Hitler said "Our epoch in the next 200 years will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity" without giving a source. I checked the source, which is a set of notes by two of Hitler's adjutants. According to the notes, which may or may not be accurate, Hitler said something completely different: "Die Zeit, inder wir leben, ist die Erscheinung des Zusammenbruchs dieser Sache. Es kann 100 oder 200 Jahre noch dauern." Videos sourced: Hitler was an atheist Hitler promotes Darwinism BT3701
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