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Below are sources for this video: BBC Q&A with Phil Jones : (Also found in my video description of "Climate Change -- Those Hacked e-mails") Marshall Institute and Sally Baliunas article: Papers on past forcings, including 1860-80 and 1910-40: "Arctic air temperature change amplification and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation" -- Chylek et al 2009 "The early century warming in the Arctic -- A possible mechanism" -- Bengtsson et al, 2003 "Time evolutions of various radiative forcings for the past 150 years estimated by a general circulation model." -- Takemura et al, 2006 Graph of forcing vs temp Normally I don't reproduce graphs that don't come from peer-reviewed papers. Unfortunately I couldn't find one for 20th century forcing. But the graph I show is based on data from the GISS, a reliable source. To confirm, the raw data can be found at: and Same goes for the graph showing temperature vs. TSI: Fortunately this graph is corroborated by a similar graph in "Solar Total and Spectral Irradiance...." Krivova and Solanki 2003 =end=
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