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Cool Alphabet Song by DidiPop (The Modern Mary Poppins!) Write to me and send me your kids' drawings. It means so much to me to actually connect with you and your children! DidiPop P.O. Box 66413 L.A. CA 90066 Subscribe to my channel at: And keep watching my top videos! Feed the Pet BRATY Let's Make Santa Claus Happy Tonight Goblins Thank you all so much for watching and subscribing. and you can find free music and afree coloring sheet here at Buy the music for your child here: ebook - When you are done watching this one, please watch the one with subtitles! Did you get "The Cool Alphabet" Ebook yet? This new cool Alphabet will inspire your kids to think about the alphabet in a new way. The animation is fun and colorful and children will creatively learn about the ABCs with this fun 4 part song by DidiPop. Read the lyrics here: AA play today BBB beside me CC celebrate DD do you like me EE eat an egg FF flip and fry it GG gee that's great HH Honey I like it ha ha honey I like it I spy blue Jays above you K come kiss me LL let me love you la la la la la MM you're my best friend you're NN never naughty OO oh come on let's go PP in the potty -- potty Come now, oh how QQ cute you are You R so really right my SS Spinning star for all T-I-M-E tic-toc time... ready? I'm ready! UUU you're VV very good with that vacuum W know what to do with that wooden broom -- you got X-tra energy Y Anyone can see ah ah I gotta catch some Z's (I'm getting dizzy dizzy) You're busy as a bee (I'm getting dizzy dizzy) I gotta catch some Z's Because you're a busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy bee What fun it was to write and play this song while watching little Delilah (who was 2 at the time) run in circles (at the end). She's 6 now and still loves to sing it! Thanks to all the DidiPoppers and your wonderful comments! "childrens music video" "alphabet song for kids" "animated cool abc song" didipop "popular cool alphabet song" free song cool alphabet twinkle great kids music reading letters literacy fun sing along closed-captioned subtitles lyrics children songs kids preschool music baby nursery rhyme daycare school happy kindergarten jump rope bee cake dog egg fry honey blue jays kiss love best friend naughty potty cute star time tick tock clock vacuum broom energy sleep busy as a bee
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