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Spectacular Rocket Chemtrail October 2, 1999

HQ Stereo sound link: This old video footage and series of still images document the chemtrail left by a modified Minuteman II intercept missile. The missile was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base as part of a strategic inbound target intercept test (Star Wars). The resulting plume went many miles into the upper atmosphere where the movement of the atmosphere twisted and distorted it into a very weird shape. Even though it was dark at ground level, the plume was so high up that the sun was still illuminating it, causing it to glow and refract the sun's rays into a rainbow of colors, visible across much of the southwestern United States for several hours. The plume is composed of aluminum oxide, aluminum chloride, water vapor and nitrogen gas, plus other trace elements. This is typical of most solid rocket propellant burns, including the Space Shuttle.
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