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YouTube Stereo Test G Bug Video remake (see vid details)

[new notes] This video was specially encoded as an FLV file to trick YouTube's old upload system and avoid re-coding into mono. Now (as of about Nov, 2007) stereo versions are automatic and one only has to upload a normal stereo video, from which YT makes 3 versions: 1)Standard Quality [LowRes video/mono] 2)HQ video [with mono audio] 3)HQ stereo [medium quality video] Some users need to add &fmt=18 to the video URL to playback the HQ stereo version. Others get it automatically when they click the "Watch in High Quality" link below the video window, and still others get HQ playback by default by selecting it in their YT setup menus. Using the &fmt=18 URL modifier with specially-encoded videos like this one, or videos older than about Nov. 2007 can act as a toggle, resulting in playback of a basic mono version. Some of YouTube's conversion and playback functions are still rather mysterious/not entirely predictable, and only the YT programmers really know for sure what conversions happen and how to access them all! [original text] This remake of I0abUh1utY8 features decent stereo audio although the video quality suffers a little. I encoded and uploaded it a bunch of times to finally find the magic threshhold. Here's how: Download the freeware RIVA FLV encoder, (NOTE: RIVA doesn't like WMV ver9 so save your Windows Movie Maker video as "DV-AVI" or use another app which can save in AVI, MPG, or WMV format 8 or ealier), then encode using these RIVA settings: Movie size=320x240, framerate=30, bitrate=230 (type it in the box), de-interlace box checked. Audio: bitrate=80, sample rate=22050Hz, Stereo button clicked. I left all the other settings at their default. Then upload the resulting .FLV file (WAY faster than sending the original AVI or other large-format file!) For quality comparison, see this YouTube re-encoded version of the same video: The YouTube-re-coded mono version is better quality all around, it's just not stereo. Other encoders may work, using the same (or similar) settings as shown above. It's also possible that these RIVA settings might result in a bitrate that YouTube re-codes anyway if your video is really complex, but they worked for me using several test videos. If YouTube makes your upload mono, back the video bitrate down to 225 and try again. You can make your test uploads private so your subscribers don't get hit with all your test uploads. Good luck! :-) Soundtracks available on CD at JCMDI.COM
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