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Amazing Moths Animated Slideshow

This video slideshow features beautiful images of moths from the JCMDI website. Some of the Saturniidae and Sphingidae moths shown here: 0:06 Hyalophora euryalus 0:15 Hyalophora cecropia 0:21 A. polyphemus 0:25 Saturnia mendocino (male) 0:40 Hemileica eglanterina 0:45 Hemileica burnsi 0:52 Hemileica electra 0:56 Saturnia albofasciata (female) 1:01 Saturnia albofasciata (female) 1:06 Smerinthus cerisyi 1:12 Saturnia walterorum (female) 1:18 Rothschildia cincta 1:23 Hemileuca maia 1:29 Saturnia albofasciata (male) 1:35 Hemileuca electra mojavensis (male) 1:48 Hyalophora cecropia 1:52 Callosamia angulifera The soundtrack is "Darkness" from the "Digital Dreaming" CD by Technician (yours truly), album and single track available on iTunes: full artist discography and CDs available at HTTP:// The High Quality version of this video is available on DVD. Visit for details. Much more video, photography and documentation is available at
Length: 02:09


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