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Symphony of Science - Onward to the Edge!

mp3: - A musical celebration of the importance and inspirational qualities of space exploration (human and robotic), as well as a look at some of the amazing worlds in our solar system. Featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox, and Carolyn Porco. "Onward to the Edge" is the 12th installment in the Symphony of Science series. Materials used in this video are from :My Favorite Universe #7 - Onward to the Edge ( Wonders of the Solar SystemCarolyn Porco TED talk ( "Guide to the Planets"Thanks for watching!Lyrics:[Neil deGrasse Tyson]The act of moving onward means we pass these sign postsOne of them was first leaving earthThe next one is hanging out on the moonWhat's next? The planetsOnward to the edgeWe're moving onward to the edgeHere we are togetherThis fragile little world[Brian Cox]This is our sunJust another star in a sea of starsThe heart of the solar systemJust another star in a sea of starsMercury is the closest planetThis tortured piece of rock has been stripped naked[Tyson]The moon has a skyIt has a horizonIt's another worldIt's got earth in the sky Just the way we have the moon in the sky(refrain)We're not the only world to think aboutWorlds unnumberedWe're not the only world to think aboutThink about worlds unnumbered[Carolyn Porco]There is a powerful recognition That stirs within usWhen we see our own little blue ocean planetIn the skies of other worldsThe Saturn systemOffers splendor beyond compareBecause of its ringsAnd very diverse moons[Tyson]These are no longer abstractionsThese are worldsMaybe there's life thereThey've changed how we think about Earth[Cox]"A mote of dust suspended in a sunbeamThe pale blue dot" (Carl Sagan)(refrain)The laws of nature createVastly different worldsWith the tiniest of changes[Tyson]When I reach to the edge of the universeI do so knowing that along some paths of cosmic discoveryThere are times when, at least for now,One must be content to love the questions themselves
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