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Mustang Project - Part 3 - Remove Front Fenders

For Step-By-Step Fender Removal Visit The front end parts were already removed when we bought the car. I will have to find and replace those parts when we start putting the car back together. Next, we removed the front fenders. As we mention in the video, one of the most important steps is keeping your hardware and parts organized. Whether you are going to have a car tore apart for a few weeks or a few years, this will make the reinstallation much easier. One way to do this is to get some zip lock bags and label one for each panel that you remove. Put all the hardware and small parts into the bag and label the bag accordingly. Another way is to screw the bolts back into the bolt hole after the part has been removed. This work well, but may get in the way when working or painting the parts. Whatever method you choose, just make sure everything will be easy to lay out and put back together when the time comes. You may have to remove adjacent parts to get to the part you are wanting to remove. On the mustang, we had to remove the rocker panel molding, to give us full access to the fender. Once the molding was removed, we removed the right front fender by using a 1/2 socket, 1/2 wrench, phillips screw driver, and the bags and marker to properly store the hardware. Tips: Some of my students have been confused which is the right side and the left side of the vehicle. The way you determine which side is which is to sit in the vehicle. When sitting in the car, youll notice your right hand is your passenger side, which is the right side of the car and your left hand will be the drivers side, which is the left side of the car. If you project is going to be tore apart for a long time you may consider taking pictures before you tear it apart. This will help you remember how things go back together. If you have bolts that are hard to remove, you may try to heat the nut or bolt using a small torch. Be careful not to burn any wires or get close to anything flammable.
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