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Learn Biology: Charles Darwin Biography

Learn Pilates (but save $$$): biology expert Mary Poffenroth teaches you about Charles Darwin, the father of evolutionary theory.In the process of learning biology, students will study Charles Darwin and his theories related to evolution. Darwin's biography includes information about his family life, location of studies and the publications he contributed to. Knowing more about his life gives the student a better means of understanding the man who penned the evolutionary theory.While Charles Darwin's theory of evolution through natural selection originally created controversy with the Anglican Church in the 1800s, his works are now widely accepted. 2011, during the timeframe surrounding the anniversary of his birth, 575 congregations in the 50 states and 13 foreign countries participated in Evolution Weekend, sponsored by the Clergy Letter Project, to work towards bridging the gap between religion and science. Darwin's Life---------------------------------------------------------------------Darwin was born on February 12, 1809in Shropshire, England. As he entered college he intended to?pursue?a medical?career, but later changed his mind after witnessing a surgery with no anesthesia. He finished his collegiate years at Cambridge University studying theology with the thought of becoming a clergyman. completing his degree, he accepted an opportunity to sail with the HMS Beagle, a British Naval ship, as the ship's naturalist. This voyage provided him the opportunity to explore South America and the islands of the Pacific Ocean. The HMS Beagle voyage lasted five years, over which time he was almost always seasick. 1839, Darwin married Emma Wedgewood, his first cousin. couple had ten children together. In the same year as his marriage, Darwin's journal of his Beagle voyage was published. died in 1882 and was buried at Westminister Abbey.'s Theory and Publications---------------------------------------------------------------------What later became the?published?work known as On the Origin of Species, started with Darwin's research done while abroad the HMS Beagle, which he later recorded in "species transmutation" notebooks. In these notebooks, Darwin noted the aspects of morphing he observed in both plant and animal species. His studies led him to believe the modification in the descent of a species was the result of natural selection. Although his results and conclusions were determined in 1838, he did not publish them until nearly 20 years later.'s theory was based on the observation that the most fit plants and animals were the ones to survive and reproduce, thereby passing on the traits which allowed survival. His theory development included observation of the characteristic traits of finches of a single line of ancestry, which evolved into different species based on the adaptations made?for survival in different regions. the Origin of Species was published in 1859, after Darwin learned of a similar study by Alfred Russell Wallace. Both of the studies were presented to the Royal Society prior to publishing. In 1871 an additional publication, The Descent of Man, further presented his theory specifically addressing human evolution. Darwin Publication Timeline---------------------------------------------------------------------Although Darwin is cited often for his works relating to natural selection and evolution, his literary contributions include other writings also. The following timeline reflects the year of publication of books by Charles Darwin:...Read more by visiting our page at:
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