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Colour changing milk presents: Can colours explode in milk? REQUIREMENTS A quarter plate Milk Food Colour (2-3 variants) A cotton swab Liquid Detergent To conduct this experiment you will need a quarter plate, some milk, a cotton swab, liquid detergent and food colour. WHAT TO DO Pour some milk into the quarter plate. Now add a few drops of the food colour into the bowl close to each other. Once this is done, take the cotton swab and dip it in the liquid detergent and then dab the swab in the middle of any of the colour drops. WHAT HAPPENS There is a huge explosion of colour when the swab dipped in liquid soap comes in contact with the added food colour. The food colour which was just a few drops when added initially, is all over the quarter plate. You see a huge fusion of colours and this continues for quite sometime. WHY THIS HAPPENS Milk is made up of water, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and tiny droplets of fat. Soap breaks up the fat globules and weakens the chemical bonds of proteins.This pushes and pulls the food colouring molecules every which way. Colours also explode because milk is mostly water and it has surface tension much like water. Adding soap destroys surface tension by destroying bonds between water molecules.
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