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Complex Music Performance Effects Processing using the SudoGlove

Source Code + More Info on my blog: This is a quick demo of some of the technology I built around the SudoGlove controller as it pertains to musical performances. You can learn more about the SudoGlove and everything it can do here: Performance 1 Information: At the beginning of the performance, Margaret wears the SudoGlove, and uses it to trigger sound effects, including a gunshot sound. After I wrestle it away, I utilize it to synthesize some of the background music on the fly. Performance 2 Information: 1. Margaret is adding effects to her voice on-the-fly using the desktop computer. 2. A program written in "Pure Data" on my computer captures the live audio data and extracts key frequencies and partials that are used to determine a "mood" for the music. 3. The "mood" data is transmitted wirelessly to the RGB light wands where it changes the color and brightness of the LEDs accordingly. 4. That same data adjusts the hue of the visualizer shown on the projector screen. 5. The program also utilizes live volume information to modulate the size of the visualizer. 6. The visualizer is generated in real-time from a webcam feed of the dancer + light sticks. I wear the sudoglove, and flex my finger to adjust the intensity of the kaleidoscope effect shown on the screen. 7. Moving my hand around in 3D space corresponds directly to the movements of the visualizer on the projector screen. When I sweep my hand to the left, the visualizer moves to the left. I can move it up and down in the same fashion. You can watch the complete performances on my second channel! You do subscribe to my second channel, right? Performance 1: Performance 2: Follow me on Twitter:
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